Reiki Offerings


I am initiated in Reiki I, II, and III. I offer it on its own as a 

45 minute treatment or as a Reiki/Massage combo in both

60 and 90 minute sessions.

    Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy.
    It is a hands-on practice that activates the natural healing
    ability of the body, using the energy that flows through
    all living beings. Reiki is holistic in effect, balancing the
    body’s energy field as well as providing deep relaxation
    and a sense of well being on all levels. It is not a religion
    or psychology, and no special belief is required to benefit
    from its application.


    A Reiki treatment consists of a gentle laying on of hands
    by the practitioner, fully clothed on a massage table in a
    professional setting.
    It is now given in cancer centers to ease pain and calm the         nervous system during and after treatment. It is useful in           relieving anxiety and depression as well. Reiki has been 
    found to help in situations of acute pain, where a firm       t       touch isn't tolerated as well as in chronic illnesses such as 
    fibromyalgia, by promoting deep relaxation.