Welcome back to a place where ease, connection and               whole body well-being can unfold. Allow massage therapy

      to nurture and assist you in unwinding from the mental             and physical stresses of daily life.

      As you soften and relax, you are able to release some of

      the held tension that creates discomfort and restriction.

      You will begin to feel more at home in your

      body, and move into a natural state of restfulness

      and inner calm.



I combine light and deep soft tissue techniques to relax overworked and tense areas, decrease stress, and create a sense of well being.

                               30 minutes $40

                               60 minutes $70 

                               90 minutes $100


Back Smoother
This treatment includes light exfoliation and hot towels, followed by a back massage using a luxurious hydrating cream

Your back will feel polished in no time!

30 minutes $45

Reiki Energy 

A gentle hands-on energy treatment to balance and calm body and mind

45 minutes $50


Foot Remedy

Applied pressure to reflex points of the feet helps clear out congestion and a thorough foot massage brings all over relief. 30 minutes $40

Lavender Bliss 

Enjoy the simple pleasure of a scalp, hand and foot massage plus foot scrub using relaxing lavender scented oils and drift away...

30 minutes $45

Reiki/Massage Combo
Reiki energy plus therapeutic massage blend to create a uniquely soothing experience 
60 minutes $70

You may add a foot scrub or Himalayan salt stones to any service for $10